It’s a question we get asked at this time every year. And it’s a great question because timing when selling can be important.

Traditionally, the warmer months have seen a more active real estate market. The flip side of this is of course a greater level of competition – more properties on the market for sale.

Smart sellers know that it’s best to be on the market in isolation, not competition.

Having your house on the market prior to Christmas can sometimes be an advantage too. Sellers can use the upcoming Christmas as an advantage during the negotiating stage. A buyer might want to be in the their new home by Christmas and that can swing the advantage the sellers way.


Here’s 5 Pros for selling at Christmas time:

* People often get holidays at Xmas. Buyers spend that time househunting

* January is the most ‘clicked’ month on

* Many buyers don’t celebrate Christmas. They continue buying as per normal

* Buyers are often in a ‘happier’ mood. This can be great when negotiating your price

* We’re right in the middle of summer. Longer days, natural light, warmer temp can all be factors in a higher price


To discuss how the right timing can add tens of thousands to your sale price, give Josh a call for a quick chat.


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