5 Tips For Getting Ready To Sell

Here are 5 tips for getting your house ready for sale….

Declutter – try and remove as many ‘nicknacks’, personal photos and unused furniture as possible ensuring that your property looks as big as possible. We want buyers concentrating on the house not the family living there.

Street Appeal – look at your property from a distance. Would you buy it? Make sure lawns are neat and tidy and plant some colourful flowers. Trim and trees, hedges that are over grown.

Kitchen & Bathrooms – can make or break a sale, give them special attention. Make sure they are sparkling clean. Display some new, quality towels and keep the kitchen bench uncluttered.

Damage & Repairs – fix everything you can. It may just be a blown light bulb or leaking tap but don’t give buyers the opportunity to devalue your property. It is also amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to the overall appearance.

Storage & Cleanliness – storage space is vital. If it looks like you don’t have storage space how will the new buyer have any? Clean out storage cupboards, kitchen cupboards and wordrobes. There’s no excuse for not having a clean house, it doesn’t require expense – just a bit of elbow grease! Clean windows inside and out, wash down walls, clean light switches and clean exhaust fans.

If you need any more tips or ideas, please call us. We’re only too happy to help!


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