Understanding Different Buyer Types

Understanding Different Buyer Types

One key area of a successful sale that is often overlooked in knowing your audience – knowing who your buyer is and what drives them.

Did you know that buyers who come from the internet behave differently to those who come from other forms of media?

The internet delivers the majority of enquiries, but it does not deliver 100% of the enquiries. Many people believe listing their property on realestate.com.au is a complete marketing campaign. Whilst it will reach many potential buyers, it simply won’t reach all potential purchasers.

The truth is that buyers come from various sources including:

Internet, websites, newspapers, signboards, database, social media, video, referrals & past clients, landlords, word of mouth, brochures & flyers


4 Types of Buyers


Active Buyer

This buyer invests a lot of time and energy on researching & searching. They are very active online and are often data & market knowledge savvy.

Passive Buyer:

This buyer is not actively looking to purchase. However they passively notice real estate through newspaper, signboards, word of mouth as well as database sources. This is an interesting group of buyers as many high net wealth buyers are situated in this group – such as landlords.

Out Of Area Buyer:

This buyer may be interstate, overseas or in a different area of Sydney. They use internet driven media to search including video.

Local Buyer:

This buyer lives local, eats local and buys local. Aware of what is happening around them.


Josh Tonkes is a Director of my house realty.

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