Moving house? Here’s 8 tips….

8  Moving Tips

1 – Moving day is very stressful. Make sure you have plenty of snacks & water on hand.

2 – To save time, money, energy – declutter (throw out) everything you don’t need.

3 – Arrange connections early on – not much fun spending the first night without power.

4 – To cut down on costs – use socks or clothes as padding on breakable items.

5 – Take photos of connections like the back of the TV – cuts downs the stress of reassembling.

6 – Remember to defrost the fridge at least a day in advance and wipe up any water.

7 – Pack items you’ll need first in a clear plastic tub + pack an overnight bag with essentials.

8 – Arrange your mail redirection at your local Post Office.


Good luck on your moving day!shutterstock_94700212 copy

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