Is Christmas a good time to sell your house?




It’s a question we get asked at this time every year. And it’s a great question because timing when selling can be important.

Traditionally, the warmer months have seen a more active real estate market. The flip side of this is of course a greater level of competition – more properties on the market for sale.

Smart sellers know that it’s best to be on the market in isolation, not competition.

Having your house on the market prior to Christmas can sometimes be an advantage too. Sellers can use the upcoming Christmas as an advantage during the negotiating stage. A buyer might want to be in the their new home by Christmas and that can swing the advantage the sellers way.


Here’s 5 Pros for selling at Christmas time:

* People often get holidays at Xmas. Buyers spend that time househunting

* January is the most ‘clicked’ month on

* Many buyers don’t celebrate Christmas. They continue buying as per normal

* Buyers are often in a ‘happier’ mood. This can be great when negotiating your price

* We’re right in the middle of summer. Longer days, natural light, warmer temp can all be factors in a higher price


To discuss how the right timing can add tens of thousands to your sale price, give Josh a call for a quick chat.


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5 Tips For Getting Ready To Sell

Here are 5 tips for getting your house ready for sale….

Declutter – try and remove as many ‘nicknacks’, personal photos and unused furniture as possible ensuring that your property looks as big as possible. We want buyers concentrating on the house not the family living there.

Street Appeal – look at your property from a distance. Would you buy it? Make sure lawns are neat and tidy and plant some colourful flowers. Trim and trees, hedges that are over grown.

Kitchen & Bathrooms – can make or break a sale, give them special attention. Make sure they are sparkling clean. Display some new, quality towels and keep the kitchen bench uncluttered.

Damage & Repairs – fix everything you can. It may just be a blown light bulb or leaking tap but don’t give buyers the opportunity to devalue your property. It is also amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to the overall appearance.

Storage & Cleanliness – storage space is vital. If it looks like you don’t have storage space how will the new buyer have any? Clean out storage cupboards, kitchen cupboards and wordrobes. There’s no excuse for not having a clean house, it doesn’t require expense – just a bit of elbow grease! Clean windows inside and out, wash down walls, clean light switches and clean exhaust fans.

If you need any more tips or ideas, please call us. We’re only too happy to help!


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Understanding Different Buyer Types

Understanding Different Buyer Types

One key area of a successful sale that is often overlooked in knowing your audience – knowing who your buyer is and what drives them.

Did you know that buyers who come from the internet behave differently to those who come from other forms of media?

The internet delivers the majority of enquiries, but it does not deliver 100% of the enquiries. Many people believe listing their property on is a complete marketing campaign. Whilst it will reach many potential buyers, it simply won’t reach all potential purchasers.

The truth is that buyers come from various sources including:

Internet, websites, newspapers, signboards, database, social media, video, referrals & past clients, landlords, word of mouth, brochures & flyers


4 Types of Buyers


Active Buyer

This buyer invests a lot of time and energy on researching & searching. They are very active online and are often data & market knowledge savvy.

Passive Buyer:

This buyer is not actively looking to purchase. However they passively notice real estate through newspaper, signboards, word of mouth as well as database sources. This is an interesting group of buyers as many high net wealth buyers are situated in this group – such as landlords.

Out Of Area Buyer:

This buyer may be interstate, overseas or in a different area of Sydney. They use internet driven media to search including video.

Local Buyer:

This buyer lives local, eats local and buys local. Aware of what is happening around them.


Josh Tonkes is a Director of my house realty.

First home buyer? Haven’t bought a property in years? Let’s briefly explain the process…

So, you’ve spoken to the bank and got your Pre-Approval (step one). Now it’s time to go house hunting. Let’s skip forward to finding your dream home…..

A brief outline on what happens next when buying via a Private Treaty (normal For Sale) property

1. Purchaser & Seller sign a contract. Purchaser pays a deposit of 0.25% of the purchase price

2. The Seller is committed to that sale, the Purchaser has a cooling off period – usually between 5-10 business days

3. Purchaser uses cooling off period to finalise finance & conduct property inspections (pest & building)

4. Towards end of cooling off period Purchaser pays 10% deposit. As soon as the cooling off period expires the property is officially SOLD!

5. There is usually about a 4 week period where Seller packs, moves etc

6. Settlement Day – Seller hands in keys to agent, property settles & Purchaser collects keys to their new home

If you have any questions about the process involved in buying a new home please feel free to give me a call and I’ll help out with any questions that you may have.

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Josh’s top 7 buying tips

Josh’s top 7 buying tips

  1. Do your own research – don’t believe the hype, good or bad.Everyone has different opinions.
  2. Grab a meal or a coffee in your ‘new‘ suburb. Try and get a feel for what it’s like.
  3. Know what you want, but be willing to compromise. Research is the key here.
  4. Don’t over commit. Your first home is just that – first. It’s a stepping stone to bigger things.
  5. Most smart sellers will ‘stage’ their home. Try to picture it completely empty.
  6. Don’t rush into making a decision. But on the flip side, don’t delay once you find the one.
  7. Sometimes pest & building reports are scary. Give the inspector a call and speak in everyday terms.


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Moving house? Here’s 8 tips….

8  Moving Tips

1 – Moving day is very stressful. Make sure you have plenty of snacks & water on hand.

2 – To save time, money, energy – declutter (throw out) everything you don’t need.

3 – Arrange connections early on – not much fun spending the first night without power.

4 – To cut down on costs – use socks or clothes as padding on breakable items.

5 – Take photos of connections like the back of the TV – cuts downs the stress of reassembling.

6 – Remember to defrost the fridge at least a day in advance and wipe up any water.

7 – Pack items you’ll need first in a clear plastic tub + pack an overnight bag with essentials.

8 – Arrange your mail redirection at your local Post Office.


Good luck on your moving day!shutterstock_94700212 copy