We want to help look after your investment

Investing in property is an excellent choice. Doing the research, house hunting, negotiating, it’s all exciting times. But once the excitement is over you need a professional to look after the house and maintain your asset.

My House Realty offers a boutique Property Management Department which caters for a smaller number of clients. This means that your property gets more care and attention to detail. Unlike some other agents we don’t have a ratio of 800-1,000 properties per person, we have a limit of 1 – 30, that is one agent handles a maximum of 30 properties, not 800+. This ensures that we treat your property and your tenant with the respect they deserve.

Q. How long does it take to find a tenant?

We find that as long as the property has a realistic asking price, then most tenants are found within 2 weeks.

Q: Do you do inspections?

Yes we do. These inspections are vital and are carried out as often as required. That may be quarterly, half yearly, annually or as often needed. By keeping a close eye on our clients properties, we are maximising our client’s future worth. Plus looking after fewer properties per agent allows us to really have an eye to detail.

Q. What makes up the my house difference?

Simple – we care. We treat each managed property as if was our own. From any maintenance tips we can provide the owner, to the selection process where we guarantee to select the best available tenant. And as things pop up, we also use the most respected trades people to fix things along the way.

If you would like to discuss your property management needs please contact us today.