Let's Talk About Property Management

Josh Tonkes

19 June 2020

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Let's Talk About Property Management

We are extremely confident in our property management offering, our systems and processes are solid and our personalised service is well received by our Investors (landlords), not to mention our results, let’s look at those:

0% Vacancy rate
11 Average days to find a new tenant
97% Of our tenants pay their rent on time

Well, it’s simple. Experience & a tailored approach. We use our finely tuned systems to ensure that the princess of finding a new tenant is nice & smooth. For people getting into the real estate industry, property management is often a stepping stone into becoming a sales agent.
We believe the opposite should be true. It is common for a junior agent dealing with tenants & owners. And it’s often common that they deal with someone new every time. There’s no consistency. 

Saying we look after your property as if it’s own is a bit corny isn’t it. But that’s how we do view it. We spin the table around & ask ourselves – how would we want this to be run? We look at the situation from all perspectives.
We know that property investors want smooth sailing. So that’s what we give them. We offer systems that ensure they can be as involved & hands on as they like, or just kick back & relax. 

With quarterly inspections, regular reports and maintenance updates, you won’t be left wondering how your investment is faring or whether it’s being managed effectively.
There are many rules and regulations surrounding property management & dealing with tenants, not only do we ensure that we adhere to these rigidly, we also apply “best practice” which is an added layer of checks to protect our clients.
So let us provide you with a stress free property management experience from the outset and show you that we stand behind our words with our actions.

It’s not uncommon for us to take over the management of a property only to find that things like the smoke alarm, pool compliance and blinds compliance is outdated and not up to code. This is a dangerous situation for the owner as it leaves them exposed legally.

If you would like to have a chat about any aspect of property investing, please feel free to give me a call.