"90% of all millionaires become so through owning realestate"

Andrew Carnegie


You want honest advice and feedback you can rely on, with plenty of follow-up for peace of mind.

Our energetic and close-knit sales teams will work tirelessly to find you the perfect property and help build your portfolio, making your search as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

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You’ll receive notifications of new listings as well as pricing updates from our network based on your unique search criteria. It’s an invaluable resource given that we sell around 20% of our properties off market.

Research the market from a lifestyle and financial perspective. Do your own research, don't believe the hype - good or bad.

Understanding your budget prior to inspecting properties is the recommended approach. Nothing makes the process harder than inspecting properties beyond your budget.

Contact a local agent and get their opinion on the current market. Always advisable to speak with an expert working in the current market.

As you start to inspect properties remember what you're trying to achieve. Always know what you're willing to compromise on & what you
are not.

A sure way to end up in knots & confused is inspecting too many properties. Time & time again purchasers fall into the trap of looking for too long & then settling because they are 'over' the process.

Buying a new property isn't an every day thing.

Here's a brief rundown on the process

Before any serious property inspections start, you need to speak with your bank or mortgage broker about all aspects of finance. Getting your budget (Pre-Approval) is the first step.
Once you have that Pre-Approval you’re now a serious buyer & it’s time to go house hunting.

The best advice we can offer during the inspection stage is to know what you want, know what you’re willing to compromise on & above all – don’t inspect too many properties. It is one of the most common traps buyers fall into. Inspecting too many properties to the point they become exhausted & end up settling for something they would not have chosen when they had just started looking.

Let’s skip forward to finding your dream home …..
Here’s a brief outline on what happens next when buying via Private Treaty (normal For Sale)……..

Find a property you like, make an offer & have your offer accepted.

Purchaser & Seller sign a contract. Purchaser pays a deposit of 0.25% of the purchase price.

The Seller is committed to that sale, the Purchaser has a cooling off period, usually between 5-10 business days.

Purchaser uses cooling off period to finalise finance & conduct property inspections (pest & building)

Towards the end of cooling off period Purchaser pays 10% deposit. As soon as the cooling off period expires the property is officially SOLD! This is called unconditional exchange.

There is usually about a 4 week period between the unconditional exchange and settlement. This time is for everyone involved to pack, organise removalists etc.

Settlement Day - Seller hands in keys to agent, property settles & Purchaser collects keys to their new home. Welcome home!!​

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