Meet the my house team

Our Vision

Is to become the preferred solution to our customers and clients, for all of their property needs. We want to offer our clients innovative, flexible and value driven solutions. All whilst delivering outstanding results.

Our Mission

Is to exceed our customer and clients expectations by providing complete real estate services and by ensuring quality and excellence in every aspect of our business. We want our clients to simply be walking, talking advocates for our business.

Our Commitment

Is to deliver unsurpassed market intelligence and insights. Our fresh innovative approach is your edge. Whether you are a seller, purchaser, landlord or tenant. We are committed to making sure our clients are represented by the highest quality, knowledgable agents.

Years combined experience

The Boss


Hugo, CEO

What can we say about Hugo? 
Well, let’s face it – he’s the boss. He’s Josh’s dog but, he does what he wants. No one can tell him what to do.
Some fun facts about Hugo:
1/ He snores louder than a freight train
2/ He’s a big sook
3/ The movie Turner & Hooch isn’t a movie, it’s a documentary!
Hugo often comes for a visit, that is if you can wake him up from his midday nap. 


0404 580 625

(02) 4722 2247

Josh Tonkes

Founding Director

Josh brings a unique blend of real estate experience and passion to the table. Having been born into a family of real estate agents, Josh has  been immersed in the industry since he could walk. 

Josh offers buyers and sellers alike, a wealth of knowledge at any stage of the process and manages to do so in a practical and straight forward manner. 

“I’m a firm believer in communicating honestly with everyone I speak with. I know our industry has a sketchy history at best and so it’s always best to treat people with respect and be honest. That’s what everyone wants, both buyers and sellers.” Josh Tonkes

0433 532 047

(02) 4722 2247

Trish Tonkes

Licenced Real Estate Agent

Trish is the glue that holds the my house team together. 

Trish is a Licenced Agent with many years of experience. She is really a jack of all trades and essentially ensures the office and team run smoothly.
Trish is also our staging and styling expert – helping sellers to present their homes in a way that attracts a Premium Sale Price.

Sales & Support

Samantha Johnson

Samantha is a Senior Assistant to Josh Tonkes, Director of my house realty. 
Samantha handles a lot of the behind the scene task and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

T: (02) 4722 2247 

Miles Thomas

Miles is an Assistant to Josh Tonkes. He is at the beginning of his real estate career journey. The my house team are confident that Miles is a superstar of the future. Working closely with him Josh,  Miles is getting a tremendous foundation in all aspects of the industry. 

T: (02) 4722 2247 

Tracy Lee

Tracy is one of those vital superstars that isn’t often seen, but greatly valued by her my house realty colleagues. A driving force behind the scenes & constantly ensures the cogs keep turning & deadlines are met. Tracy handles many aspects of office administration from coordinating marketing calendars, booking appointments, assisting with vendor management and generally being a vital person in the my house team.

T: (02) 4722 2247 

Property Management

Property Management Department

My House Realty offers a boutique Property Management Department which caters for a smaller number of clients.

(02) 4722 2247