Josh Tonkes

Founding Director

0404 580 625

(02) 4722 2247


Over 15 years as a real estate agent
Over 15 years as a business owner

Hands On

"Whilst I enjoy helping run the company, nothing beats helping of our sellers achieve an outstanding sale result"

Building Relationships

We a proudly an independent brand which gives us flexibility to tailor solutions

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Why Josh & why My House Realty?

Josh brings a unique blend of real estate experience and passion to the  table. Having been born into a family of real estate agents, Josh has  been immersed in the industry since he could walk.

Josh offers buyers and sellers alike a wealth of knowledge at any stage of the process and manages to do so in a practical and straight forward manner. “I’m a firm believer in communicating honestly with everyone I speak with. I know our industry has a sketchy history at best and so it’s always best to treat people with respect and be honest. That’s what everyone wants, both buyers and sellers.” Josh Tonkes

6 things.....

First concert 
Slim dusty with Dad when I was 5
First ‘adult’ concert was The Offspring.

Fave song
Like a rolling stone – Bob Dylan.

First job
Apart from ‘slave labour’ in the family real estate business, I had a job at a BP service station when I was 15.

Fave movie
Seven with Morgan Freeman & Brad Pitt.
Certainly not Watership Down. I saw that as a kid, I’m still traumatised today. No seriously, I am.

TP – over or under
Come on. Anyone that says under needs to seek help.

Best advice given
Don’t stick anything in your ear smaller than a telegraph pole.