If you're not selling with us, you're selling yourself short

Benefit from our experience

We understand that selling a property is a big decision. It’s not something you do everyday, in fact many people will only do it a few times in their entire lives. 

Selling a property is also often likened to other life changing events, such as new arrivals for a growing family, the kids leaving home & downsizing or making that long awaited sea-change when retiring.

We believe the best sale results are created through a partnership. That is between the seller, the agent & yes the property itself. It is this team relationship that yields the most outstanding of outcomes. 

When we partner with our sellers, we want to use our experience & knowledge to help you achieve the desired outcome. We aim for the entire process to be seamless, whilst concentrating on communication ensuring everyone is fully informed at all times. 

We take pride in what we do & the result we achieve for our sellers. We are lucky enough that the majority of our sellers are repeat sellers & direct referrals. This level of trust is something that we are of course proud of. It is the demonstration that our sellers truly value the contribution that we make to achieve outstanding sale results.

What is our goal?

Anyone or any agent can sell a house. 
In fact Josh Tonkes, Director of my house, often jokes that a trained monkey in a suit can sell a house.
We know this might sound strange coming from the agent, but we believe our role isn’t to just ‘sell’ your property – it’s to achieve a Premium Price.

To obtain the hidden 5% – 10% extra. That’s our role, to find the best buyer.
How do we do that?
Well that’s a longer conversation, but we can say that the value of your property is dependant on 5 things:
The Agent
The Marketing Campaign
The Price Strategy
The good news is we, as the selling team, control 4 of those things. So when you’re ready to sit down and talk about selling, let’s discuss how we can achieve a Premium Price for you as well.

What we are about

How does less jargon and less process sound? It’s what we’re about – keeping it simple. Your property will be sold through an Auction campaign, Private Treaty (normal for sale campaign) or with an off market strategy. Apart from prepping your property to place on the market (we can help you there, too), that’s pretty much it. Seriously. Leave it to us.

Sale time

We take your property from ‘For Sale’ to ‘Sold – let’s crack open the champagne’.

Our close knit, experienced team use our combined skills & knowledge to strategically plan your campaign, execute the marketing strategy & ultimately negotiate an outstanding sale result for you.

From beginning to end, we work with you focusing on communication & teamwork. We want you to be fully informed every step of the way. It’s this well executed teamwork that creates tremendous sales results.

Helping you throughout

Prepping a property for sale can seem daunting.

Where to start? How to start? What to start?

Just breathe, because we’ve got you covered. Our team is here to help. We will assist you with everything from how & what to do in the preparation stage.We work with property stylists to guide you through presenting your home for sale, we take care of all of the marketing, we will even help you organise the removalists.
Yes the process might seem daunting, but don’t stress. We’ve got your back.

#7 Reasons to sell with my house realty

Some selling FAQ's

Of course there’s no way to answer this accurately. Every house sale is different. However, on average, we do find that most properties sell within 12 days to 6 weeks. Every seller should be aiming for a sale within the first few weeks as that is the prime time to achieve the best price.
We made the decision a long time ago not to be a cheap and nasty or low fee agent. Reducing the fees often leads to a reduction in service and that is something we are not willing to do. Likewise, no seller wants to pay thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Our selling fees are fair. We’re not the most expensive, we’re not the cheapest but we are the best value.
A good way to look at this is – decorating is your taste (to live with) / staging is to appeal to a wider audience (to sell). When selling your house you want to appeal to as many people as possible. You only get one chance to really impress a buyer. Experts say that staged homes sell faster and for higher prices. Staging is what you do after you’ve cleaned, de-cluttered and made minor repairs. It’s all about dressing the house for sale.

The team at my house realty have fine tuned various systems and strategies that enable us to sell your biggest asset for a premium price. We believe in working as a team in conjunction with the owners to successfully steer towards our goal. When negotiating for our sellers, we are like a ‘dog with a bone’. We also have one of the best trained and most experienced teams in real estate. We conduct several training sessions each week to keep our skills sharp.

Well the first thing you should do is appoint my house realty to be your selling agent!

This is a complicated question, because every house will have a different answer. Some general tips can include:

  • Cleaning – doesn’t cost much and has a huge return on investment
  • De-clutter – selling is a great time for a clean out / throw out
  • Fix obvious faults – might be the letterbox leaning or a loose door handle. Always remember, if you can see it….so can a buyer
  • Atmosphere – remember you’re selling a lifestyle, not just a house. Also keep in mind that smell is our strongest sense. Get rid of bad odors (pets, smoking, damp). Try for a simple, fresh smell.
It’s really a ‘horses for courses’ answer. What we need to look at is the property itself as well as the type of buyer it would attract.. In some areas of Sydney, auctions are the most common way of selling. In other areas, private treaty is. So, the bottom line is, talk with your my house agent and weigh up the pros and cons of both options. Pick the option that will attract the most number of buyers and will create competition amongst the buyers.
This is a question we are asked often. If your house has season appeal, then it might be worth waiting. Seasonal appeal might be if you’re located close to the beach or water or have a beautiful resort style swimming pool in the backyard. The old way of thinking was that Spring was the best time to sell. Yes, there are lots of sales in Spring, but there can also be more houses on the market which means more competition for the sellers. So again, like most things, it can be a case by case situation. Talk to your my house agent and they can lay out all of the possibilities.

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