3 misconceptions when selling your property

Companies don't sell
properties, people do

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Misconception 01

You should wait for the right season to sell...

Yes, in some suburbs, traditionally there are more sales in the warmer months. But there are also far more properties on the market which means more competition.

If you have a garden that will look spectacular in spring, then you might choose to wait. For everyone else, there’s not necessarily a bad time.

Misconception 02

Listing at a higher price will leave room for negotiating...

In fact, this can keep buyers away – almost scare them away. It can also mean an extended time on the market. Consider pricing your property more competitively which will create more competition between buyers. This will also help achieve a better, quicker, higher sale price.

The days of there being significant gaps between listing price & sale price are, for the most part, gone.

Misconception 03

Saving money on advertising is a good idea...

Rather than worrying about saving a few dollars, successful sellers ensure they get the best possible return on an asset that may be worth $900,000, $1,200,000 even $2 million.

The best sales occur when you create an emotional attachment between the buyer and the home. This is best achieved through a tailored marketing campaign.
You can add tens of thousands to the end sale price.

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