Managing Your Investment

Dedicated to maximising returns and unlocking your investments’ full potential.

The My House Realty difference

My House Realty offers a boutique Property Management Department which caters for a smaller number of clients.

This means your property receives more care and attention to detail. Unlike some other agents we don’t have a ratio of 800-1,000 properties per person, we have a limit of 1 – 35, that is one agent handles a maximum of 35 properties, not 800+.

This ensures that we treat your property and your tenant with the respect they deserve.


Yes, instant. No more waiting till the end of the month. As soon as a tenant pays rent, our new software will transfer to the landlord’s bank. Instantly. This allows for the landlord to see real time transactions.


We believe in offering transparency to our clients. Our clients have 24/7 access to live & historical information including statements, invoices, tenant pay information & maintenance reports


2023 statistics | 100% properties occupied | 0% vacancy rate | 96% of tenant pay on time | 8 days average for a new tenant

Investing in property is an excellent choice. Doing the research, house hunting, negotiating, it’s all exciting times. But once the excitement is over you need a professional to look after the house and maintain your asset.​

Common property management questions

How do you ensure I get a good tenant?


As they say, preparation is the key.

Investing in property & tenant selection is no different. More often than not, selecting a good & appropriate tenant at the beginning avoids the vast majority of tenant related headaches.

We verify the provided information in a tenant application as well as interview the tenant prior to giving you our recommendation.

Are you experienced?

The owners of my house realty (Directors) have just under 100 years of combined real estate experience (about 97 years to be exact).

Do you handle everything??

Yes. You didn’t think we’d answer that briefly did you!

But seriously, we do handle everything for you. From advice, to sourcing tenants, open houses, tenants applications, tenant interviews, marketing, collecting rent money, routine inspections, preparing reports & leases, entry & exit reports and when necessary chasing arrears, attending the tribunal – but thankfully these things are very infrequent.

How do I switch to My House Realty?

Switching to my house is as easy as 1, 2, 3….

As soon as you give us the go ahead we take care of everything else. We need an agreement form signed & that’s it.

To make it as convenient as possible we send the agreement via Docusign which allows you to view & sign the agreement from your phone, tablet or computer. No need to make an appointment, just receive the email and sign it right on your phone.

We then take care of everything else. Whether you’re switching from another agent or have just bought an investment property, we handle everything from there.

As we said, switching is as easy as 1, 2, 3

How long does it take to find a tenant?

We find that as long as the property has a realistic asking price, then most tenants are found within 8 or 9 days. Our average is 8 days to find a new tenant. 

Do you do routine inspections?

Yes we do. These inspections are vital and are carried out as often as required. That may be quarterly, half yearly, annually or as often needed.

By keeping a close eye on our clients properties, we are maximising our client’s future worth.

Our team have an eye to detail thanks to extensive experience. 

What is the my house difference?

Simple – we care. We treat each managed property as if was our own. From any maintenance tips we can provide the owner, to the selection process where we guarantee to select the best available tenant. And as things pop up, we also use the most respected trades people to fix things along the way.

By keeping a close eye on our clients properties, we are maximising our client’s future worth.

Our team have an eye to detail thanks to extensive experience. 

What are you management fees?

We like choice. That’s why we offer our Landlords a choice with their property management fee.

Our fee options start from as low as 3%

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